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Our Investment Philosophy:

We believe a large majority of long-term performance returns are the result of overall asset allocation, whether a client owns stocks or stock mutual funds, bonds or bond mutual funds, cash or other assets.  Therefore, to determine an asset allocation, we analyze factors such as the U.S. economy, global economies, central bank policies, geopolitics and investor sentiment.

Many investors focus on short-term performance and may measure performance on an absolute basis. We believe this may be detrimental to the achievement of long-term goals and may lead to frustration and an investor abandoning a well thought-out investment program. Therefore we make investment recommendations,  or investment decisions as appropriate, based on specific client investment objectives. Applying our outlook and a long-term perspective, we work with clients to establish an appropriate time horizon for their assets, which for many clients may extend through the entirety of their lives. 

Wells Global Investment Advisers LLC: Wells Global offers personalized global equity and fixed income management to high net worth individual and institutional clients on a discretionary basis.  Minimum account size is $400K. The firm takes an active approach to portfolio management, using information obtained by capital markets research to adjust client portfolios based on our forecasts and opportunities that we see in the markets.

We provide personalized portfolio management and reporting for each client based on their individual investment goals, time horizon, cash flow requirements, outside holdings and tax status, along with other factors. We take the time to understand our clients’ risk tolerances and goals and combine that with our broad investment philosophy and proven investment acumen. We take an active approach to optimize return relative to risk because we believe that protecting clients from downside volatility, while also participating in market growth during bull markets, is the most effective way to optimize long-term returns for clients. 

We take a holistic approach to investing. This means we analyze a broad spectrum of mainstream investments such as growth versus value, large versus medium versus small cap equities, domestic versus international, high quality versus high yield bonds, convertible bonds as well as the length of their maturity and their duration. We have the experience and insight to capitalize on opportunities in all areas of global markets, including commodities and currencies, and tactically adjust our strategy as appropriate depending on our view of the markets. We may also strategically use options to add value, with a preference to sell options as part of a carefully constructed portfolio. We understand the importance of collecting option premiums to potentially enhance portfolio returns. 

Wells Investments, Inc.: Wells Investments offers personalized portfolio management on a non-discretionary basis.  Minimum account size is $250K. The firm takes  an active approach to portfolio management, using information obtained by capital markets research to adjust client portfolios based on our forecasts and opportunities that we see in the markets.

Our investment strategy is similar to Wells Global, however we will not use options or exercise discretion. Specific recommendations are made to clients. Clients must approve the recommendation prior to any transaction. The client will make all final investment decisions.  

Wells Investments will gather information on a client's financial history, goals, objectives, and financial concerns and assist client in developing an asset allocation strategy. Based on the client's investment objectives, risk tolerance, and financial situation, Wells Investments will manage the account with periodic monitoring.  Advice will be provided on a periodic basis upon the request of a client, due to a scheduled visit such as a portfolio or account review, or as a result of market events and market opportunities and conditions.

Outside Money Management: Lockwood Advisors, Inc. offers multiple fee-based strategies with hundreds of money managers who have been screened and researched by Lockwood.  Below are some of the options that Lockwood offers as an affiliate of Pershing LLC.

Separately Managed Accounts: Hundreds of screened and researched money managers are available to you and your clients. You can use Lockwood’s research to conduct your own due diligence on behalf of your clients, or you can engage Lockwood to assist in the selection process. Minimums start at $100K per manager. 

Mutual Fund and ETF Wrap Fee Accounts: Lockwood makes investment decisions regarding asset allocation and investment selections. Minimums start at $50K.

Portfolio Management: Lockwood offers complete portfolio management utilizing five core model portfolios. Lockwood serves as Portfolio Manager. They determine asset allocation and specific third party managers. Minimums start at $250K.


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