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Trust Services offered by Wells and affiliated companies include Trustee services and Trust Protector Services.  Our goal is to provide exceptional service for clients who are grantors and/or beneficiaries of trusts.

Wells offers Trustee services that are pro-grantor, pro-trustee and pro-beneficiary.  Our Trustee Services are designed to provide the grantors, co-trustees and beneficiaries a very affordable alternative to the current standard Trustee arrangements.  Most Trustees consider the assets a major source of revenue.  We consider the assets as belonging to the client and a not a major source of revenue.  We use the role to facilitate the transition of assets to the beneficiaries in a most reasonable and expeditious manner with the opportunity for the beneficiaries to inherit money that is legally protected against any outside litigation.

For trusts with an existing Trustee, or if a grantor wishes to establish a trust with a specific Trustee, Wells offers a Trust Protector service which can watch over the Trustee and terminate the Trustee for any misconduct. This is also a way to insure that the Trustee does not withhold or delay benefits to trust beneficiaries or unreasonably tie up trust assets in legal disputes. A trust’s “Protector Provision” should be included in any new trust discussions or if trusts are to be updated. 

The Wells Family of Investment Companies has the necessary experience and resources to provide you and your family with these important trust and estate services.  


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